Yellowstone Club Residence – Original Design

YC A4.1 South Elevation South Elevation YC A4.2 North Elevation North Elevation YC A4.2 West ElevationWest Elevation

YC A4.1 East ElevationEast Elevation

Two intersecting grids are utilized in the layout, the core laid out on an east-west axis with saddlebags turned toward Sphinx Mountain.

The entry/uphill/north side is very closed incorporating only limited openings to provide a back to the residence. In contrast the southern/view side of the house is very open to take advantage of both the views and the southern sun.

YC A1.1 Main Level PlanMain Level Floor Plan

YC-A2.1-Upper-Lower-Level-PUpper and Lower Level Floor Plans YC SP 1.1 Site PlanSite Plan Design Process

Astelier uses a product called VectorWorks ARCHITECT to create extremely detailed drawings, 3-D models, and renderings to help you easily visualize your home long before building begins. This level of detail also helps when dealing with stringent architectural review committees such as the one at the Yellowstone Club. VectorWorks chose to feature Astelier and this process in this article in their e-magazine which is distributed to architects all over the world: